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Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow Transplant

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Eyebrow Transplant in Istanbul

A facial expression is an essential part of interacting with others. It allows us to express ourselves more precisely. For this reason, eyebrow hair loss can be quite concerning for many people. An eyebrow transplant can be a convenient way to resolve this problem. Carried out by experts, this procedure allows eyebrow hair to regrow.

Quick Facts

Operation Time : 4-6 Hour
Anesthesia : Local Anesthesia
Techniques : Closed
Net Result : 6 Months

Eyebrow Transplantation Steps

Planning - Operation - Recovery

Each person's eyebrows have different variations. While some people have eyebrow loss, others may simply want to change their appearance. When eyebrow transplants vs. microblading differences are examined, microblading appears more likely to be semi-permanent. Hair eyebrow transplantation is the most efficient method for regrowing eyebrows as a permanent solution. In order to extract follicles from the donor area, usually the back of the patient's head is used.Alternatively, hair follicles may be obtained from other areas if the current area is not suitable for the patient. A physical examination is required to determine which area is suitable for this purpose. In this way, the doctor is able to choose the best donor region for the patient, and at the same time determine what type of eyebrow is most suitable for the patient. In Turkey, eyebrow transplant is extremely convenient and efficient thanks to Metropolmed's expert medical team.

After Eyebrow Transplantation

As soon as the application is completed, the recovery period begins. It is crucial to ensure a natural appearance in eyebrow design. It is also crucial to make sure the eyebrow design is compatible with the person's face. This will allow the person's eyebrows to be complemented. Upon completion of the procedure, the eyebrows should appear together with a complementary image. When the eyebrow transplant procedure is completed, you will be given instructions for your application during the healing process. Once the eyebrow transplant healing process has completed, you can use your new look however you like. Having specialized in various other operations such as beard transplantation and painless hair transplantation, Metropolmed does not allow any eyebrow transplant to go wrong.

Prices of Eyebrow Transplant

You can ask a professional staff any questions you have before the eyebrow transplantation, such as "how much is it?" The cost of eyebrow transplantation depends on the structure of the procedure performed for each person. Prices depend on whether you have sparse eyebrows or no eyebrows. If you only want to change the shape of your eyebrows, the same change applies. There are numerous factors that may affect the eyebrow transplant cost, so it is important to consult a professional about many details that may affect the eyebrow transplant price.

Eyebrow Transplantatıon Patient Comments

At Metropolmed, patients can achieve the eyebrows they have been dreaming of for a long time. You can also request a free examination from our expert staff or doctor.

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