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One-hour Discounted Video/Phone/eMail Psychic Card Consultation

One-hour Discounted Video/Phone/eMail Psychic Card Consultation

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The one-hour Psychic Card Reading is the most popular choice for an in-depth investigation of all aspects of life and guidance about best ways and choices to change your life and your future for the better. It offers you a discount of £9 at 15%.

You can also book this service for an investigation or view of what might be happening in your life in terms of your job, or love life when in difficult times or when you just want to know what lies ahead of you in your life. It offers full guidance for your life.

Normally we use Google Meet or  Microsoft Teams that will send you a link to the video in the confirmation email, please check it out before we start to avoid issues that might reduce important time.

You can also provide your WhatsApp number or Skype username as applicable, in case Meet or Teams don't work on your phone or laptop.

Please let me know which your preference is for making advanced payment of £51:
a) Make full payment through this website's secure Stripe platform.
b) Transfer the full amount to my bank account either via the account itself or via my mobile number.
c) Make advanced payment via the phone and the secure Stripe App with debit/credit card or via a payment request link.
d) Or, if you prefer, via Paypal either to my email address or my mobile number, or a payment request that I can send you, if you should prefer.
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