• Health Choices Global comprises a consortium of independently funded enterprises devoted to delivering exceptional health-related services. Each entity within our network is supported by a seasoned core team, including internal experts in website management, marketing, and development, ensuring independent and sustainable growth. Our steadfast commitment to patients is evident, with positive feedback shaping our diverse portfolio.

    As we expand our global presence, we strictly adhere to UK standards, prioritizing insights from both patients and clinicians. Our advisory board, featuring a former NHS CEO and a former CQC Inspector, emphasizes our dedication to a patient- and clinician-centric approach. This distinctive viewpoint guides our growth strategies, ensuring the delivery of high-quality, globally-focused, and patient-centric care.

    At Health Choices Global Limited, our devotion to innovation, excellence, and the well-being of those we serve isn't merely a commitment; it's the cornerstone of our identity.

  • ORO Mental Health

    Empowering Minds, Enriching Lives: ORO Mental Health is dedicated to delivering premier mental health services across all age groups. With a robust presence throughout the United Kingdom, our organization boasts a team of 100 clinicians strategically positioned across the country. Operating in over 150 sites, we are steadfast in our commitment to offering extensive coverage and convenience, ensuring that individuals seeking mental health support can access our compassionate care whenever and wherever they need it. At ORO Mental Health, we believe in fostering well-being, resilience, and mental health for a brighter tomorrow.

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  • Clinicians Check

    Clinicians Check operates as a multivendor marketplace accessible in 110 languages, seamlessly integrating a practice management system that meticulously adheres to rigorous UK standards and compliance, thus establishing a global benchmark for excellence.

    As a centralized hub, it serves as the undisputed source of truth for both patients and clinicians.

    The platform is engineered to optimize operational efficiency by streamlining processes, bolstering feedback mechanisms, and deploying robust data security measures, thereby ensuring unparalleled reliability and transparency.

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  • Life Change Manager

    Our mission at Life Change Manager is to provide accessible, evidence-based life-changing courses in 110 languages, catering specifically to families, corporate wellness, and educational facilities worldwide. Think of Life Change Manager as your comprehensive guide to transformative experiences, designed to enhance mental well-being for individuals and communities alike.

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  • Phoenix Property Renovation

    Phoenix Property Renovation stands as a premier entity in property transformation, renowned for its distinguished team of proficient contractors and architects. Backed by a proven track record in property conversions, our experts adeptly navigate the intricacies of local authorities in the UK, guaranteeing a harmonious integration of innovation and regulatory compliance in every project. Entrust us with the revitalization of your spaces, where our commitment to excellence, creativity, and expertise ensures an unparalleled transformation.

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  • Observe Care Group

    Observe Care Group is dedicated to delivering expert advice and guidance aligned with the rigorous standards set by the Care Quality Commission. Our professional approach guarantees a comprehensive and personalized support system for individuals seeking top-tier care.

    As a distinguished provider of compassionate care, Observe Care Group specializes in delivering exceptional support for individuals with learning disabilities. Our devoted team is committed to fostering independence and enhancing well-being, establishing Observe Care Group as your reliable partner in creating a supportive home for those with unique learning needs. Join a community where thoughtful care and meticulous observation seamlessly converge.

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